The Best Productivity Tip


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Do you find yourself saying “24 hours is not enough in a day!”? Then, a day has passed and you haven’t finished an important project/responsibility that you aimed to finish at that date— now you’re bawling because other tasks are delayed.

I hear ya!

Been there, done that.

With that being said, I’ll be sharing to you THE best productivity tip that I have ever discovered and has saved my butt since I started implementing it!

And that is…

Do your Top 3 Tasks of the day before you start checking your email and your social media accounts.

Seriously, it’s that simple! I formulate my Top 3 Tasks [of the day] the night before and complete those as soon as I wake up (if can be done that way and does not require me to go somewhere to do the work at hand), and yes, before I start fiddling with any gadget. I used to grab my phone after saying my morning prayer and answer emails, messages on Facebook and not to forget, scroll my newsfeed thereafter. My alibi was “these are clients that I’m catering, they might have an important concern that needs to be addressed ASAP” blah blah. Way to go, Geline! Haha! 🙂

The next thing I know is that I spent at least an hour on my phone, a little one fighting for my attention and important obligations unfinished at the end of the day. However, when I started to discipline myself to prioritize my responsibilities before getting engrossed with answering stuff here and there via the world wide web, I have been more productive and I’ve managed my time well. I designate times of the day for all my online “customer care”; one is after lunch time and the last is during the night, after my little one is put to sleep. Also, I inform my clients of my designated times of answering concerns online so that if I don’t respond immediately, they already know what’s going on. Information to clients is key to keep them around and smitten with you.

So there it is! My best productivity tip.

Do you have other productivity tips that you can share? I’d love to get more insights!

Comment those below! 🙂






Nails Glow Iloilo Spa Review

Had a bonding with my parents over a spa and a pedicure at Nails Glow Iloilo at SM City (beside the bingo area) this Sunday. It was just what I needed for my tired legs and feet! Besides, I can’t even remember the last time I had a legit pedicure.


Some of the services that they offer.

12834957_974691525939782_1100853840_n (1)

Availed this.

The whole place of Nails Glow Iloilo has this earthy and homey vibe due to the abundance of greens. It’s also very bright, as you can see in the photos. I was immediately catered by their receptionist/cashier upon entering their spa and was asked what service/s that I would like to avail. I chose the Premium Foot Spa package which has seven applications: Foot Soak, Foot Scrub, Foot Masque, Foot Cleanser, Foot Oil, Foot Butter and Foot Mist. I also chose one of the five extra varieties which is Aromatherapy. This costs 250 PHP. However, pedicure is not included so you have to pay an extra 180 PHP for it. I chose a teal color for my nail polish.





Massage rooms

The whole process started with soaking my feet on a hot water; just the right amount of heat, of course. Right then and there, my feet felt relaxed. I also got my ‘Negosyo’ book by Joey Concepcion to keep me company, although Nails Glow Iloilo has a free WiFi connection for their customers, I chose to disconnect for the most part and just dive into the gold mine of information on Entrepreneurship this book has.


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Then the fun part begins…


The massage was even more relaxing and I seriously wanted to sleep! There was just enough pressure applied by the masseuse and I couldn’t concentrate on the book that I was reading; the relaxation background music that they were playing wasn’t helping either. I guess this momma is just exhausted.


Application of masque

I asked Jonessa (if I remember her name right) , the masseuse/pedicurist who handled me, the benefits of some of the seven applications included in the package. The masque is for moisturizing and skin lifting; the cleanser and massage is, of course, for relaxation. Jonessa spent quite some time getting rid of my callouses, seriously, they were too stubborn! It’s embarrassing. But heck, for the sake of this post and my credibility as a blogger, I’ll be blunt about it. Haha! 🙂


Finished product 🙂

Jonessa even commented on how short my nails are! So, I told her that I prefer short nails because it’s easier to manage especially now that I’m a mom. Also, I don’t want Saehee (my daughter) to have scratches due to having long nails. Anyway, I like Jonessa because aside from doing a great job on my foot spa and pedicure, she is also bubbly and chatty. I was observing other employees of Nails Glow Iloilo and they all seemed nice and chatty, as well. It’s making their customers feel comfortable with their company.


I particularly love this interior design of theirs!

The foot spa and pedicure lasted for about an hour. I wished it could have been longer because I just enjoyed the service and the experience! Anyway, the nail polish of one of my toenails got destroyed; prolly when we were still out and about  after the spa, and I only noticed it when we got home. *sad*

Nails Glow Iloilo spa has other services offered like body massage and eyelash stuff (perming and extension), but majority of what you can avail from them are nail care. They have gel and acrylic nail polishes and nail extensions, as well.

Overall, it was a lovely experience. If the whole place wasn’t too bright, I could have slept all through out the procedure. Haha! 🙂  I would like to try their other services sooner or later.

Thank you, Nails Glow Iloilo!

My rating for Nails Glow Iloilo: 8/10

Have you tried their services? Comment below! 🙂


Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

Straightening and coloring simultaneously tortures our hair, like a lot. I made this mistake and has been left with dry hair for years. *crying* I’ve tried salon treatments to revive my brittle hair and they were okay but it’s not budget friendly. *crying again* That’s when I started to look for cheaper alternatives and the more natural, the better.

In this age when spas and expensive treatments rule the hair care industry, mayonnaise hair treatment is not only inexpensive but natural and safe too. Mayonnaise contains oils, eggs and other ingredients that nourish the hair. If your goal is softer, shinier, smoother feeling hair then mayonnaise might be a good match for you. Besides, Hollywood star Cameron Diaz swears by this!


How to make a Mayonnaise Hair Treatment:

1. Choose a regular, full-fat mayonnaise because it has all the ingredients that nourish your hair and make it soft plus silky. Avoid mayonnaise that contain extra flavoring of herbs and spices because it may do more harm than good to your hair. If you can, go for an all-natural, organic mayonnaise because this type typically contains olive oil. It’s available in any grocery store.

2. Use approximately 1/2 cup of mayo, more or less depending on the length of your hair. Don’t use more than needed because it might be difficult to wash it all out. Apply mayonnaise to freshly cleansed, damp hair as you would with any conditioner. Focus on the ends since it’s the oldest part of the hair. Avoid the roots if you have thin or fine hair (like myself). You may want to use a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the mayo onto your hair.
3. Let the mayo sit from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on how much conditioning your hair needs or how much time that you have. I like to leave it overnight and wash it the following morning. Use a shower cap or any plastic bag to cover your hair; this will trap your body heat against your head and help the mayonnaise to get its work done of deep conditioning your hair.
4. Remove the cover and rinse your hair with warm water and a gentle shampoo (I use a baby shampoo). If you feel that there’s still some residue, you can cleanse again. Your hair should feel soft, not oily.
5. You can do this once a week or once a month. It all depends, again, on how much deep conditioning your hair needs.
No matter how healthy your hair is, we all need some timely caring and pampering for it.
Have you tried this Mayonnaise Hair Treatment? How is it for you?
Leave your comments below! 🙂
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Who’s Complicated Now?

This is a funny meme that I saw on Facebook (forgot what) that pretty much describes a huge chunk of toddlers. Yes, any mom could relate to, as well!


This is an everyday scenario with my 4-year old. It’s a chase every time I announce that she’s taking a bath, then when she’s already bathing, she doesn’t want to finish!

It can be annoying and can test my patience at times but come to think of it, soon enough she will be over that seemingly confusion. Then, she will no longer need me to bathe her. She’ll do it on her own. She will be embarrassed to even have me around when she’s bathing!


This will become a cherished memory at a blink of an eye!


Why I Love Thrift Shopping And Why You Should Too!



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I vaguely remember the time that I was introduced to the marvelous world of thrift shopping or “ukay-ukay” for us Filipinos; but boy did I fall in love with it! It makes me shiver with a lot of blood pumping on my system each time that I find myself on my way to thrift shopping, almost like being in a long distance relationship and you finally meet the love of your life in person! Or, maybe just seeing him/her after a long time of separation. Whatever, but you get what I mean right?

To fully understand my fascination with this bustle, I’m giving you my top seven reasons why I love thrift shopping and why you should too!

Mother Earth- friendly.  We’re all aware of the capitalist modes of production— produce at high rates with the lowest cost possible. These procedures have been extremely detrimental to the human life and the natural world. Plus, it’s a great way to recycle. You can donate clothes and buy more clothes, eliminating waste in the process.

Economical. Have you heard of the saying, “More bang out of your buck”? I guess this was tailored to thrift shopping. Let’s be honest, most of us go thrift shopping for this reason: bargains. The last time I went thrift shopping, I spent 200 PHP (approx. 5 USD) with five items on my hands; whereas if I went shopping for brand new clothes, that amount wouldn’t even make me purchase a single item that I like!

Finding designer or high-end brands. Yes, and at a fraction of its cost! Personally, living in Iloilo (Philippines), we don’t get a lot of designer or high-end brands in malls. My eyes get big whenever I see at thrift stores Armani Exchange, Dolce & Gabbana or perhaps J. Crew pieces that I like; but wait ’til I discover that it only costs 100 PHP (approx. 2 USD) per item! I cry. Seriously.

One-of-a-kind pieces for fashion. Purchase clothing from malls and you’ll most likely run into someone wearing the exact thing. Thrift stores have a more diverse assortment of clothing. Also, with these pieces that you can find you can definitely mix and match, discover your style and have a unique one, too!

Hunting for treasures. There’s something about entering a thrift shop that is just packed with potential. Shopping for second hand lets you dig through the racks for your personal treasures; and since there’s still a little bit of stigma associated with it, there’s not much competition as there should be for designer brands or vintage items that can add a spike to your fashion statement. Then, you can find items that are no longer being made.

Instill good shopping habits to your children. For parents, taking your kids to thrift shopping is passing on to them knowledge and a strategy of finding good, quality products while saving money.

Fun, fun, fun! I don’t know about you but digging through the racks and trying to think of creative ways to style clothing is fun for me. There are items that only need upcycling or re-fashion and they’ll make a bad-ass addition to your fashion collection. It can be a good bonding moment with family and friends,too!

I’m sharing to you my latest “Ukay” finds and how I styled them together:


Black basic tee from Uniqlo, chunky black & gold necklace from a boutique called Gorgeous, huge faux gold watch from Von, white worn-out jeans from Elegance. I like wearing basics because I can have fun experimenting it with accessories and it definitely looks classy.


When Is Your “Sparkle” Time?



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In my previous post, I mentioned about “sparkle” time— most of you prolly said “huh?”. How I wish that I coined this term but I did not, I only borrowed this from a fellow blogger Nikki of At Home With Nikki. I think it’s sooooo cute that I decided to ‘borrow’ it from her. It’s just perfect for all of us hustling women!

Anyway, it simply means that it’s the time when you are at your most creative. Usually we hear people say that they are a morning person and some would claim that they’re an evening person (like myself!).

To further explain this “sparkle” time, it is when you have your faculties e.g. intelligence, ability to think clearly and function at a high level etc. on a full force. For example, I prefer working on my blog (posts and tweaks sometimes) and brainstorming on other projects that I may be working on, at night. Yes, I can still work during the day just like what I’m doing right now; however,  it seems that I have my creative juices gushing during my “sparkle” time. Words are flowing seamlessly and ideas are just linked together swiftly! For students, this is the time that you usually like doing your home works, essays, term papers etc. Or for the crafty people, it is when designs come in your mind the most.

Most evening people stay late at night, we could be working on something or sometimes we don’t even do a thing! Taking myself as an example again, I start working on my stuff around 10 PM when my little one is already asleep. I could stay up until 2-3 AM, depending on what time I would be wrapping up!

The morning people like to wake up early and do their creative stuff then usually sleep early at night, as well.

What happens outside of our “sparkle” time?

It is when our routines are usually done like household chores, running errands or picking the kids up from school etc. It is so because we don’t need as much creativity and these activities are done almost like on autopilot. You don’t really have to think but you just do… action, action, action!

It is important to identify your “sparkle” time because it is your efficiency at its best! Who doesn’t want to come up with the best blog post, essay or crafted items?

Now tell me, when is your “sparkle” time?

Thank you for sharing this post! 🙂