When Is Your “Sparkle” Time?



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In my previous post, I mentioned about “sparkle” time— most of you prolly said “huh?”. How I wish that I coined this term but I did not, I only borrowed this from a fellow blogger Nikki of At Home With Nikki. I think it’s sooooo cute that I decided to ‘borrow’ it from her. It’s just perfect for all of us hustling women!

Anyway, it simply means that it’s the time when you are at your most creative. Usually we hear people say that they are a morning person and some would claim that they’re an evening person (like myself!).

To further explain this “sparkle” time, it is when you have your faculties e.g. intelligence, ability to think clearly and function at a high level etc. on a full force. For example, I prefer working on my blog (posts and tweaks sometimes) and brainstorming on other projects that I may be working on, at night. Yes, I can still work during the day just like what I’m doing right now; however,  it seems that I have my creative juices gushing during my “sparkle” time. Words are flowing seamlessly and ideas are just linked together swiftly! For students, this is the time that you usually like doing your home works, essays, term papers etc. Or for the crafty people, it is when designs come in your mind the most.

Most evening people stay late at night, we could be working on something or sometimes we don’t even do a thing! Taking myself as an example again, I start working on my stuff around 10 PM when my little one is already asleep. I could stay up until 2-3 AM, depending on what time I would be wrapping up!

The morning people like to wake up early and do their creative stuff then usually sleep early at night, as well.

What happens outside of our “sparkle” time?

It is when our routines are usually done like household chores, running errands or picking the kids up from school etc. It is so because we don’t need as much creativity and these activities are done almost like on autopilot. You don’t really have to think but you just do… action, action, action!

It is important to identify your “sparkle” time because it is your efficiency at its best! Who doesn’t want to come up with the best blog post, essay or crafted items?

Now tell me, when is your “sparkle” time?

Thank you for sharing this post! 🙂




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