Nails Glow Iloilo Spa Review

Had a bonding with my parents over a spa and a pedicure at Nails Glow Iloilo at SM City (beside the bingo area) this Sunday. It was just what I needed for my tired legs and feet! Besides, I can’t even remember the last time I had a legit pedicure.


Some of the services that they offer.

12834957_974691525939782_1100853840_n (1)

Availed this.

The whole place of Nails Glow Iloilo has this earthy and homey vibe due to the abundance of greens. It’s also very bright, as you can see in the photos. I was immediately catered by their receptionist/cashier upon entering their spa and was asked what service/s that I would like to avail. I chose the Premium Foot Spa package which has seven applications: Foot Soak, Foot Scrub, Foot Masque, Foot Cleanser, Foot Oil, Foot Butter and Foot Mist. I also chose one of the five extra varieties which is Aromatherapy. This costs 250 PHP. However, pedicure is not included so you have to pay an extra 180 PHP for it. I chose a teal color for my nail polish.





Massage rooms

The whole process started with soaking my feet on a hot water; just the right amount of heat, of course. Right then and there, my feet felt relaxed. I also got my ‘Negosyo’ book by Joey Concepcion to keep me company, although Nails Glow Iloilo has a free WiFi connection for their customers, I chose to disconnect for the most part and just dive into the gold mine of information on Entrepreneurship this book has.


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Then the fun part begins…


The massage was even more relaxing and I seriously wanted to sleep! There was just enough pressure applied by the masseuse and I couldn’t concentrate on the book that I was reading; the relaxation background music that they were playing wasn’t helping either. I guess this momma is just exhausted.


Application of masque

I asked Jonessa (if I remember her name right) , the masseuse/pedicurist who handled me, the benefits of some of the seven applications included in the package. The masque is for moisturizing and skin lifting; the cleanser and massage is, of course, for relaxation. Jonessa spent quite some time getting rid of my callouses, seriously, they were too stubborn! It’s embarrassing. But heck, for the sake of this post and my credibility as a blogger, I’ll be blunt about it. Haha! 🙂


Finished product 🙂

Jonessa even commented on how short my nails are! So, I told her that I prefer short nails because it’s easier to manage especially now that I’m a mom. Also, I don’t want Saehee (my daughter) to have scratches due to having long nails. Anyway, I like Jonessa because aside from doing a great job on my foot spa and pedicure, she is also bubbly and chatty. I was observing other employees of Nails Glow Iloilo and they all seemed nice and chatty, as well. It’s making their customers feel comfortable with their company.


I particularly love this interior design of theirs!

The foot spa and pedicure lasted for about an hour. I wished it could have been longer because I just enjoyed the service and the experience! Anyway, the nail polish of one of my toenails got destroyed; prolly when we were still out and about  after the spa, and I only noticed it when we got home. *sad*

Nails Glow Iloilo spa has other services offered like body massage and eyelash stuff (perming and extension), but majority of what you can avail from them are nail care. They have gel and acrylic nail polishes and nail extensions, as well.

Overall, it was a lovely experience. If the whole place wasn’t too bright, I could have slept all through out the procedure. Haha! 🙂  I would like to try their other services sooner or later.

Thank you, Nails Glow Iloilo!

My rating for Nails Glow Iloilo: 8/10

Have you tried their services? Comment below! 🙂



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