The Best Productivity Tip


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Do you find yourself saying “24 hours is not enough in a day!”? Then, a day has passed and you haven’t finished an important project/responsibility that you aimed to finish at that date— now you’re bawling because other tasks are delayed.

I hear ya!

Been there, done that.

With that being said, I’ll be sharing to you THE best productivity tip that I have ever discovered and has saved my butt since I started implementing it!

And that is…

Do your Top 3 Tasks of the day before you start checking your email and your social media accounts.

Seriously, it’s that simple! I formulate my Top 3 Tasks [of the day] the night before and complete those as soon as I wake up (if can be done that way and does not require me to go somewhere to do the work at hand), and yes, before I start fiddling with any gadget. I used to grab my phone after saying my morning prayer and answer emails, messages on Facebook and not to forget, scroll my newsfeed thereafter. My alibi was “these are clients that I’m catering, they might have an important concern that needs to be addressed ASAP” blah blah. Way to go, Geline! Haha! πŸ™‚

The next thing I know is that I spent at least an hour on my phone, a little one fighting for my attention and important obligations unfinished at the end of the day. However, when I started to discipline myself to prioritize my responsibilities before getting engrossed with answering stuff here and there via the world wide web, I have been more productive and I’ve managed my time well. I designate times of the day for all my online “customer care”; one is after lunch time and the last is during the night, after my little one is put to sleep. Also, I inform my clients of my designated times of answering concerns online so that if I don’t respond immediately, they already know what’s going on. Information to clients is key to keep them around and smitten with you.

So there it is! My best productivity tip.

Do you have other productivity tips that you can share? I’d love to get more insights!

Comment those below! πŸ™‚






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