Beautiful day lovelies! My name is Geline from the Philippine’s “City of Love”, Iloilo.

If there are those with the royal blood, I have the kikay (girly) blood because I’ve always marveled at anything beautiful and I constantly strive to look my best even as a little girl. But to be fair to myself (kasi baka magtampo ^^) I balance it out by beautifying my soul and my mind. I like reading/listening to audiobooks about self development and spirituality.


On a more personal note, I became a mom to a beautiful girl on 2011 and  I was 24 years old then. I was broke and unprepared to have my daughter but in the end, she’s just a blessing and God’s Divine intervention in my life. Well, it didn’t work out between me and the baby daddy but I think it’s all for the best. *wink* I am currently single-parenting her but I have a tribe of back ups, she’s full of love!

I’m a Freelancer- every time I say this to people when they ask me what do I do for a living, it never fails to give me a blank expression on their faces. 🙂 It simply means, anything goes for me. I have a business selling stuff, I organize seminars/workshops, I blog etc. etc. Basically po, I don’t have a 9-5 job but on call for 24 hours.

I’ve always loved blogging and I never left it since I began to do it.

I’d appreciate so much your visits, comments and support to It’s Mommy Geline blog. Please don’t forget to share about this new tambayan (hang out place) to your girl friends!

Thank you and God bless always lovelies! *love love love*




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