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itsmommygeline Let’s work together! 🙂 I have been working for my necessities and/or passion for over a decade now and there’s no way that I’ll be stopping anytime soon! I guess I just have too many ideas and I won’t be able to sleep at night knowing that I did not, at the very least,try to get them out there. So if you want to help me release all my creative and working energy, below are ways on how we can do this.


Writing (Advertorials, Product/Service/Place Review)

I am a late bloomer to this because I was more of a talker as a little girl; however, came high school years, I developed a fondness to writing. I became a part (staff) of school papers, official publications from high school all through out college; and my personal Facebook account is currently my go-to outlet of musings with posts mostly at least 300 words.

Speaking & Hosting

As mentioned above, I was more of a talker since I (and my family members) can remember. Growing up, I became a part of student councils/organizations which required a lot of public speaking (some extemporaneous here and there!); I landed a job as a local TV host at one of the Philippines’ largest TV networks also emceeing on different events in the city; currently, I am a founder of a group for Ilongga wives and mothers, which again, demands a lot of speaking engagement during our activities. I’m ardent about the following topics: womanhood, young motherhood, leadership, character, image and redefinition. I can craft an entirely whole new message according to the need at hand!

Campaigns & Collab Projects

I love many projects and many causes! Ilongga Mommies’ Nook; a group that I founded for Ilongga wives and mothers, which started with a few women but now houses 3,400 (and counting!) members, was born out of these enchantments. I love developing ideas and products! Creativity is one of my strong points and I definitely enjoy brainstorming and tossing ideas especially about things that I am passionate about. I like new discoveries and seeing my ideas come to life! In this regard, I embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship and I proudly label myself now as a “mompreneur”. Hit me up if you want to do something exciting with me!

Organizing seminars/workshops 

I’m a firm believer and an advocate of continuous learning. I’m most enthusiastic about aspiring, as well as strengthening  one’s personal and business goals. This is why I like organizing (and attending) this kind of seminars; also, hopefully, be engaging on workshops any time soon. If you are a speaker, teacher or you consider yourself an expert on subject matters mentioned beforehand and would like to do an event here in Iloilo City, drop me a message! I would love to work with you!


For more information (questions,terms, conditions & rates) please send me a message at

Thank you!